Today, I am thrilled to welcome you to our new online store. This project is the result of a lot of time and dedication and, after years, it finally sees the light. It will allow us to bring you all the best products from our land.


Because it is our aim for everyone to be able to enjoy “our goodies” from Spain, wherever they may be.

My family has always been involved in the production of sausages, working with artisan products just as my grandparents were taught by their grandparents, using traditional recipes.

But my career path parted ways with family tradition.

So even though I’ve always appreciated the quality of products made using traditional recipes, I never thought I’d dedicate myself to it until I moved to London, where I began to better appreciate our sausages and preserves. Those care packages my family sent me – those loin cuts, the best chorizo, the anchovies from Santoña… and that ham! How I longed for that care package with all those goodies!

And I wasn’t the only one… a whole cottage industry grew around me! My English friends in London, Spanish colleagues, and acquaintances of other nationalities, who appreciated the quality of the hams and sausages that my family sent me, began to order from me and eagerly await the arrival of the care packages with the same anticipation.

And that’s how the Zan&Go idea was born: from the desire that all of them could enjoy the best artisan products.

And after years of bringing the best sausages, hams and preserves to my circle of friends and acquaintances, I thought, “why not take advantage of the infrastructure and knowledge I had been developing to bring gourmet artisan products to more people?”

And so Zan&Go began to take shape. The image: traditional, fun and current at the same time, which draws from our folklore and our desire to enjoy the good things in life; the product: the traditional Ibérico and artisan salted products; the shipping: conceived in such a way that the product reaches you with the highest quality. And now, finally, a new sales channel: this website.

I hope you enjoy it!

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